3 Best iPhone apps of all the time


Apple has indeed succeeded in creating an environment that harbors the creation of apps that are beautiful, exciting and functional. With many great iPhone apps, it is a bit tricky to choose the ones that are most useful because most of them seem to be useful. However, from the wide range of useful iphone apps outlined below are the three useful apps for iPhone that are worth a look at.

  1. Trunx

Trunx is simply an all-in-one photo app that allows you to take pictures, organize them and store them in the cloud storage system forever. This app allows you to safely store the memories you have created in the form of photos and at the same time enables you to free up valuable storage space on your devices. With Trunx, you will definitely experience photos in a whole new way by merging them with audio recordings and creating unique and incredible memories. This app also has great features and the best thing about it is that it is available freely in Apple’s app store.It is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Wake Alarm Clock

With so many low quality alarm apps, this app is no doubt a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t have all those needless functions that are known to clutter most alarm apps, it simply offers a simple solution to your need of being woken up. It features a sleek, minimalistic design that will allow you to choose from a collection of alarm sounds or from your iTunes library. The controls are very unique, impressive and they let you set your alarm by simply speaking. The app also supports three different alarm styles such as the Slap & Flip which has a virtual snooze button ideal for those mornings where you would love a few extra minutes of precious sleep. The Shake style is ideal for waking up the deep sleepers and the Swipe style a simple option is perfect for people who love to keep things basic. For only $1.99 this app is worth downloading at the Apple App Store.

  1. Checkmark 2

There are many to-do and list apps out there but Checkmark 2 stands out. The app strikes a unique balance between being richly featured while at the same time maintaining that minimalism and simplicity that most similar apps fail to have. The interface is impressive, it is designed in a unique way that prevents all the available features from looking cluttered. The app has standard lists and to-dos, very useful location-based reminders, custom alerts, time-based renders, iCloud sync and a lot more. For only $2.99 you can download this app at the iOS App Store. It is really worth a look especially for individuals with busy schedules.

The above are three useful apps iPhone that are a must-have and when your iPhone is jailbreak there are many more cydia tweaks and  worth checking also.

What is a Jailbkroken iPhone?


Probably the majority of iPhone users around the world are not really into this thing called jailbreaking or an iPhone with cydia installed on it? click here, as they are surely happy with their phones just as they are. For any geek out there, things are completely different. But, what is a jailbroken phone? Apple has limited the use of third party applications on iPhone since the first version of the phone came out in 2007. Today, nothing has really changed, despite the fact that there are no such limitations on Mac computers.

Through jailbreaking, any operating system’s restrictions preventing users from installing applications that are not on App Store can be lifted. You have to install an application that is made specifically for this purpose on your computer. Then, you need to transfer the application into your iPhone and it will act to make your phone’s file system suitable for third party applications. This will also allow you to use custom ringtones. You can even make your phone to support a different carrier.

When somebody decides to do this procedure, the person must take full responsibility for it. The warranty of the phone can be lost and there are apps that can be dangerous for your phone. Some of them can even completely disable the device. Despite this, the multitude of applications that become available can make you forget about the risks. Even if something bad happens, there is a possibility for you to restore the iPhone to its original settings.

What you can achieve by jailbreaking your iPhone is worth the risks. You will be able to do all the things that you couldn’t do before, such as changing the way the phone looks and feels, or having full control over your downloads. A jailbroken iPhone is able to let you install any software, as the limitations imposed by Apple are no longer valid. Jailbreaking should not be mistaken with unlocking, which is something different.